About Us


We are specialists in providing powerful business email and consumer lists across the world.

How we started

We were pioneer to offer business and consumer lists online, creating our original website back in 2003. With the internet evolving rapidly back then we undertook a major re-launch in 2007 rebranding ourselves as we are known today, DatabaseBible.

DatabaseBible is the US’s leading online supplier of business email marketing lists, working with the industry specialists and job roles to provide the widest choice of business and consumer prospect data. Our support team is diligently working from United Arab Emirates as it is considered as the trade hub.

Our customer base covers every US business sector, so no matter what type or size of business you are, we will provide high quality marketing lists to suit your needs. That's not all - We have fresh, opt-in database for Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and most of the countries across the world.


Our principles have never changed, we don't charge to run counts and we have no minimum orders.

We are here to help you select the best targeted prospect data for your email marketing campaigns.